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About our Fear of Open or Crowded Public Spaces Online Program

Do you suffer from a fear of open spaces? Agoraphobia, which can be related to a fear of open and crowded spaces, is a problem that affects millions of people alive today. If you suffer from this condition, you may find that going outside or being in crowded spaces causes you to feel sick with fear. You may even experience panic attacks when going outside or even from just thinking about it. if this sounds like you, you are probably wondering if there is anything you can do about it. You may even be thinking about therapy and professional treatment, but unable to find the time or money to get the help you need.

The Agoraphobia Solution was designed with people like you in mind. This cutting-edge guide gives you all the insight, guidance and practical instruction to cure yourself of agoraphobia without needing to pay for therapy. Our program is based on years of research and will walk you through every step of overcoming your Agoraphobia, from looking at the causes to undertaking detailed practical exercises and learning advanced mental strategies.

If you are tired of living in the shadow of Agoraphobia and want to live life on your own terms, this program is for you. You can work through this material at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, giving you total control of your journey to recovery. You don’t need to be an expert in psychology to understand the down to earth guidance in this program and anyone can use it to start controlling and eliminating their fears.

Don’t let Agoraphobia control your life – start your journey to living a life free of fear today!

Over 22 hours of program materials and exercises included

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Our Online Program

The Agoraphobia Solution has been developed through years of research and testing in order to give anyone suffering from fear of open or crowded spaces access to high quality treatment resources. Our program features all the tools, research and practical tips you need to eliminate agoraphobia from your life. Featuring everything from an explanation of the causes of agoraphobia to step by step practical instructions and handy mental exercises, The Agoraphobia Solution is the ultimate resource for living your life free of fear. Included in this guide is our full 159 page self-paced program consisting of 8 modules and 7 accompanying audio exercises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being uncomfortable in crowded or open spaces is not uncommon, but for some people this fear can be so severe it stops them going outside at all and has a major impact on the things they are able to do.

However severe your fear of open spaces, if you want to be rid of it, this guide is for you. The techniques contained in this program can be used successfully no matter where you live, how old you are, or how severe your fear symptoms are. Our plain-speaking guide gives you all the information in easy to understand terms and gives you easy to follow steps for every aspect of the program.

The most commonly used method of treating Agoraphobia is called exposure, which involves gradually exposing yourself to the things you fear until you learn that there is nothing to be afraid of. This technique has shown to be highly successful in treating phobias of all kinds. The innovative “Find a Five” technique developed for The Agoraphobia Solution means you will only never have to face moderate or “five out of ten” levels of fear – we won’t ever make you face your worst fears!

Our program contains much more than just these exposure exercises. Through our modules on thought processes, you will learn to identify the thoughts that are contributing to your fear and how you can change them. We will also look at using visualization and imagery and how they can help you overcome your fear. We will see how mindfulness techniques can help you accept and manage your emotions and explore how self-compassion can help you in your journey.

This extra content will be critical in helping you overcome your fear and may even help you develop the strength and self-respect to make you a stronger, more able person than when you started.

Exposure is the leading method for the treatment of Agoraphobia and is widely used successfully around the world. What’s more, the procedure is simply enough to learn and apply yourself. Provided you follow the steps thoroughly, you should be able to see a major reduction in your fear symptoms before too long.

If you do run into problems, our program also contains detailed information on reasons why your fears may re-appear and what to do about it in each situation.

Professional psychologists and therapists are of course highly trained in delivering effective treatment for phobias and anxiety. But for many people, professional treatment simply isn’t an option, whether due to financial or time constraints, or simply not living near enough to a clinic.

The Agoraphobia Solution was designed for just such people, giving you the same information and techniques that you would get from a face-to-face therapy course. The program was designed by a team of leading clinical psychologists who have many years of experience using the methods in this guide to successfully treat Agoraphobia and phobias of all kinds.

Components of our online program

  • 1

    INTRODUCTION – What is Agoraphobia?

    Learn more about the symptoms and causes of Agoraphobia and how treatment will work using this guide.

  • 2

    Thoughts, Emotions & Behaviour: The fear of open or crowded public spaces Model

    Discover how thoughts and emotions produce behaviour using our psychological model of fear.

  • 3

    Facing Your Fear: the Find a Five System

    Learn how the Find a Five exposure program works by exposing yourself to a medium or “five out of ten” level of fear.

  • 4

    Getting Started With Exposure

    Begin planning your exposure exercises and see how it works in action using real-life examples.

  • 5

    Visualization & Imagery

    Discover how the power of mindfulness and imagery can help you in your journey to overcoming Agoraphobia.

  • 6

    Changing Your Thinking

    Identify the exaggerated thoughts and beliefs which are affecting your fear and learn how to overcome them.

  • 7

    Final Thoughts: Ensuring Long-Term Change

    Ensure you remain free from fear with these tips on preventing relapse and continuing your journey.

  • 8

    The Power of Compassion in Reducing Fear

    Learn how to see yourself with more compassion and increase your self-esteem and emotional safety with this optional extra module.


This program has been developed by renowned clinical psychologist Angus Munro and a team of leading psychologists and researchers. As the director of his own clinic in Sydney, Australia, Angus has a wealth of experience successfully treating Agoraphobia in people just like you. Angus has extensive experience developing and delivering programs in a range of settings, including hospitals, university research, and private clinic practice, and has a passion for helping people live the best life they can.

Angus Munro’s Qualifications

  • Master of Clinical Psychology Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) – First Class Honours University of Southern Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies University of Southern Queensland
  • Master of Business Administration University of Southern Queensland
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance) University of New South Wales

Overcome your fear of open or crowded public spaces to allow you to live your best life